David Deane tackles the questions we have about faith, life, culture and politics and how they intersect.

Ask with David Deane asks the questions of life we have around faith, culture, philosophy and how all of those intersect.

In and around husbanding, fathering, and engineering, David Deane likes to think, speak and write about Christian beliefs and values, and help others to see how they connect to social, political and philosophical issues.

David studied engineering as an undergrad and has worked as a project manager in the Defence and aerospace industry for a little over a decade now. During this time he found himself asking big questions about life and as a result became fascinated with philosophy and theology. These interests led him to formal study. He’s completed a Master of Christian Apologetics majoring in Philosophy of Religion, has taken some time off work to undertake further studies at the OCCA, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, in the UK, and is presently exploring some options for doctoral study.

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