New Hope For Life – 06/12/20:

Colin Grigg is a powerful teacher of the Word. His passion for truth, life and the Kingdom of God has taken him all over the world, sharing the power of the Gospel to set people free.
He quotes, “If everyone in the world knew Jesus and all He represents, they would come willingly because everything people want and hunger for can be found in a life of relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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History Makers Radio – 05/12/20:

Matt Prater has worked in Radio for over 15 years, working as an announcer, in sales, training staff and copywriting. He has also been a youth pastor, DJ, a Children’s entertainer. More than anything he is passionate about sharing his faith with business people, students, churches and anyone who’ll listen.

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Artist Spotlight – 05/12/20:

Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown chats with local and international artists about upcoming tours, albums and future plans as well as showcasing the music that has made their names known.

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Screen Talk – 05/12/20:

Rhema FM’s Wayne Hindson and Aaron Brown talks about all things on the big screen. Featuring everything movies! Reviews, box office rankings plus previewing the up and coming movies soon to be coming out.

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